Sunday, June 15, 2008

Alaska - Hiking in beautiful landscapes

Alaska - Cooking and Washing

A stove and a collection of dehydrated food and nut bars was our main deal in terms of filling up the bellies. Ramens are good, but 5 days of them made us dream (and argue) about the best burger in portland...

To balance the fact that Andrea cooks a lot in portland, I tried to master the pots while hiking. Easier with dehydrated food you will say. Well, you're right.

Not to forget : the heart-warming potion :

Washing :

well, in 5 days in complete natural outdoors (not even a trail for hiking, only map and compass), we had exactly zero shower. That is not counting that experiment with the water bottle :

Our hair-styles also took a big hit :

Alaska - Animals

Owls :

Bears :

Caribous :

Dall Sheep :

Sled dogs :

Alaska - Camping

Alaska is cold, we all know that. Denali Park is not far from the Artic circle. Weather forecast was predicting some showers and some nice sunshine. We indeed got both.

The night, despite being very clear (20.5 hours of daylight per day) is of course even a bit colder, hence a good tent and a good sleeping bag. Well, it became a bit challenging when one of the bone structure of the tent broke, giving our protective dome a silly shape not quite waterproof.

Once again, mister duct tape saved the situation. Our following nights were more comfortable. We changed camp every night. Appreciate the location of the camp of our 3rd night and the beautiful view.