Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mexico - Where are we ?

I have just updated all my pictures on the blog. I was about 1 week late, so I would like to precise that this will happen again, as I dont always have access to internet.

We intend to stay in Mexico for the day of the deads, which is tomorrow night (Nov 1st). Then we will head to Belize.

We enjoy our trip very much. it is tyring but quite an exprience. Hard to believe we havent done half of it yet. It´s been 3 weeks but it´s easy to loose track of time when home keeps changing. Another 2 months roughly !

I hope this finds you all well. Thanks for having a look at my blog. It is quite pleasant to share this adventure.

Mexico - Carrabean Coast

The Mexican Riviera is well renown. Cancun is too americanized to be worth going, so we went straight to Tulum. It wont stay authentic for long but for now it is still marvellous. the dream carrabean beach, the cabanas, turquoise water and soft sand. The perfect place to recharge the batteries before heading to Belize.

Mexico - Yucatan - Uxmal

The road between Campeche and Merida offers dozens of Maya sites. One of the main ones is surely Uxmal.

Note the rainbow :

The site was right in the middle of the jungle :

Mexico - Yucatan - Campeche

Campeche is full of surprises. On the west side of the bottom of Yucatan, it used to be a fortified city, with a long pirate history. The downtown is very charming as you can see on those pics. The remaining walls are quite impressive.

Mexico - Palenque - Cabanas

Right next to the maya site, we lodged in one of those cabanas (little wood single room habitation). Here we are having our breakfast the morning after, before we left towards Campeche.

Mexico - Palenque - Waterfall

20 minutes down the road of the maya site, this waterful is every kids´ dream. First it is beautiful and powerful as it is. But it is also possible to walk behind it, and appreciate the waterfall from the other side ! The power of all that water becomes a lot more realistic when so close behind. On the top of it, we could swim at the front of it (not too close as it would be certain death). A dream.

Mexico - Palenque - Maya site

Palenque is in the east Chiapas and is world renowned for its Maya site. It is very impressive, probably the most inpressive scenery I have seen so far on this trip (even more than the dream beaches). It is a whole Maya city that is there, in excellent condition. The whole site is maybe 2 x 2 km.

There is a lot to say about the Maya history. It will be for later. All those pictures will tell you something. Fascinating.