Tuesday, July 24, 2007

France, July 2007, Paris

I had to go back to Paris to pick up my new visa for the US, so I made the most of it by taking a week off in France with Andrea, first in Paris, then in Auvergne and Bourgogne. The always so good pleasure or meeting with friends and family.

First day in Paris was with Alex and Shirley, who I had not seen for almost 2 years.

Second day was with my sister Vero, her charming daughter Laure (unfortunately Laure's brother Valentin wasn't here), and Vero's partner Jean.

We allocated on the third day a bit more time to visit Paris, especially Montmartre. We met my cousin Thomas and his lovely wife Adeline. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures, but it was such a pleasure to spend time with Tom, that I hadnt seen for so many years, and meet Adeline since I was not able to come to their wedding a few weeks earlier.

Finally on wednesday morning, Andrea Laure and I took the train to Auvergne, center of France.

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