Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Diner in the old part of Montlucon

Montlucon is in Auvergne, centre of France. Small town of 50.000 people, surrounded by countryside and old medieval area. The 'Old Montlucon' goes back to XV th century.

Old narrows streets that have seen horsemen, nights and all kind of activities. Probably also the smell of the local population doing everything they need to do in the streets.

House tax was paid by the area of the house on the ground, so it is common to see the first floor 'cheating' forward. Houses with 3 or 4 floors would use the same solution at each floor, looking like they're going to fall any minute.

Wandering in the 'Old Montlucon' we stopped at a restaurant called 'La vie en rose', for those who like Edith Piaf.

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