Saturday, June 9, 2007

A Great Dream : The Canyons on a Harley, Ep5 : Death Valley

Unfortunately we dont have so many pictures, as it is mostly video for the DVD. A summary would be that we cooked. Motorcycle Jacket ? Pouf...gone. Gloves ? Gone. Layers ? Gone. Underpants ? Kept, but we were undecisive for a while.

The sign in the mountain shows the water level. The salt floor we were walking on was 85.5 m under. We met there a whole bunch of BMW bikers touring around, and a guy with this stunning car, original from the Patrol Highway series. Series that dont tell me shit but apparently is famous in the US. Anyway, i liked the car. And the guy driving it, who kindly offered me a coke, was actually the son of the actor playing in the series.

Death Valley was our last outting before heading back to Las Vegas. As usual, the warm day was followed by some freezing hours riding in the night. This trip was the first fantazy trip that we realized together. One dream realized.

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