Thursday, November 8, 2007

Belize - Caye Kaulker - A Dream !

Caye Kaulker is a small island east of Belize City. The coast has a lot of islands here and there, surely all fascinating, and Kaulker has offered us so much.

Just a few hundred meters wide, and 2 miles long, it is possible to see the ocean on both sides at the same time. Charming and peaceful.

We chose a half day tour to snorkel at the reef. We took the boat and stopped at 3 different places. Simply amazing. The first place showed us amazing corals and fish of all colours and shapes. We started with a barracuda and I even got close to a heel, which can bite pretty hard. The feeling of diving just a few meters to see what fish is under that rock is just amazing.

The second place was the best though. As soon as we came, at least 20 sting raies came to play with us. I wasnt to confident at first, as the Australian specialist got killed recently by one of those - much bigger- but then we could touch them and they were dancing around us. Their shape, texture, attitude was quite fascinating. I was like a kid discovering his new bath toy.

As we were leaving and boat departing, the guide pointed a shark passing by. I quickly put my mask back on and jumped out of the boat to see it. It was fast and I couldnt follow him. I saw him only from behind at 10 meters or so, but still it was something. Of course the sharks there are inoffensive for humans, otherwise I would have stayed in the boat !

Obviously i couldnt take the camera under water, so no proof, but it's deep anchored in my mind.

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Anonymous said...

Looks a dream indeed...wish I were there!