Sunday, November 18, 2007

Guatemala - San Pedro and its volcanoe

Lago de Atitlan is beautiful lake formed in an old huge volcanoe crater. Right next to it is another newer volcanoe, San Pedro, that offers a beautiful view from its top. After a fairly hard hike though. The price of the parc entrance (13 dollars) includes a professional guide that brings you to the top and explains to you the vegetation. My guide was a teenager or young adult who apparently wasnt too motivated, and left me after 20 minutes (on a 3 and a half hour hike to the top, then 2 hours to go down). This mother fucker was just too lazy. Other groups I met had proper guides, but it wasnt to be for me. So I did it on my own. Being the last climber of the day, I was the last one at the top, and the last one to go down. Very steep and no proper view before the top, so it´s everything or nothing. I made it in a reasonable time, enjoyed the view, and came back down to see my guide having a beer with his buddies. Asshole.

Guatemala is full of those 3 wheeled taxis. A small motorcycle engine, in a cage frame, awful suspensions. A piece of fun.

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