Monday, November 12, 2007

Guatemala - Antigua

So far Guatemala seems to be the most authentic country in terms of keeping its culture and origins alive. 40% of the poulation is Maya and still lives by the ancient rituals.

Antigua is down the valley of the eastern highlands, west of guatemala city. It is surrended by volcanoes. 3 directly around the city, called ´Water´ ´Fire´and ´Earth´. but not far away is the even more impressive Pacaya (see next chronological post). Fire and Pacaya are 2 of the 3 volcanoes in guatemala that are still active. They are part of this long chain of volcanoes running down the west coast of Central and South America.

Antigua holds 40000 people, and is world renown to welcome foreigners who want to speak spanish. I wish I had time to stay here a couple of months and immerse myself in those spanish courses.

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