Thursday, November 8, 2007

Belize - Jungle and Baboons Sanctuary

We had met two americans girls in chetumal mexico and we met them again in Belize. What it is to have the same guidebook. we decided to share the costs of some jungle adventure. Canoe on the river, walk in the jungle by night, and feed wild monkeys in the morning. Extraordinary experience.

I have filmed more than I took pictures, so there is only that much to show.

The people were a family who organized a protected area of the jungle. The money given by tourists goes to the local education. They were extremely knowledgable about this part of the world and the jungle, as they live in it. The speak Creole and English, no Spanish. Creole is like a fast american with only half the words pronounced, very fast, adding 'man at the end. For example, 'what is this ?' would become 'whatizman?'.

Belize first langiage is English, as it used to be an english colony. Spanish is only second, but almost everybody speaks both.

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