Sunday, December 2, 2007

Guatemala - Gerardo

Leaving Lago de Atitlan towards El Salavdor, we met another rider. This time a local. Gerardo is a lawyer in Guatemala City and was intrigued by the 2 of us and our bikes on the side of the road.

He rode with us for a while and invited us for lunch (it had been a while we hadnt got a proper lunch) . We had a very pleasant conversation and we really apprerciated each other´s company. So well that he invited us to stay in his house in Guatemala City ! Our plan was to go straight to El Salvador, but his kindness made us change our plans. His house out of the city is gorgeaous. Huge and beautiful. He has many bikes and cars. We made his lovely wife, who was initially a bit struck by his invitation, but then showed adorable welcoming and explained a lot about the political and economical side of the country. We joined them for a friend´s party in town and slept in their house. It was the one and only time we were invited in a private house by a local, and we could not have found nicer and more interesting people than Gerardo and his wife.
Gerardo came with us to the border of El Salvador in the morning (1 hour and a half away, good excuse to ride his bike) and helped us for the initial paperwork.

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