Sunday, October 21, 2007

Baja California Sur - La Paz

La Paz is almost at the bottom of Baja. The road to get there is much greaner than before. We could feel also a higher level of humidity.

We met on the way a Brasilian, Sergio, who is going back to Brasil from California, on a KLR 650. Very nice bloke, with a great experience of this kind of trips. He did South America to Ushuia by the west coast, and all around Brasil. Very pleasant person to talk to, and helped us out a couple of time with his good spanish.

We stayed in a nice RV park that actually was very quiet and offered nice facilities, such as a swimming pool, which has been more than useful under the local weather. It gave my leg some time to recover.

Leaving La Paz on the ferry has been an... interesting... experience. Being familiar with the ferry between France and England, I had an idea of what to expect. Well I was wrong. It was a good looking boat on the outside but so old and smelly on the inside. The restrooms were disgusting right at the start, smelling old urines to collapse an elephant, no soap, barely water. 18 hours in there wasnt easy. As it was very hot, everybody got a bit stinky and it was difficult to find a place to sleep away from another stinkier. No bed, just bad chairs, so I slept on the floor.

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Mmmm mmm mmm ... more pics without shirt, please!