Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Baja California Norde - East Coast

Finally we arrive in Bahia de Los Angeles, to appreciate our first real Mexican beach.
--- Note for myself : the following pictures are to be patched as a panoramic view.---

We camped right on the beach, and met a bunch of Mexicans willing to share their beers and beach party atmosphere. Good time.

The morning after we took an off-road track to visit one of the many missions (understand a 18th century church built in the middle of the desert). 30 miles to get there, 20 to get back on the main road. It was everything but good surfacing : gravel, rocks, dust and sand. The bikes did well on those tracks, it was real good fun (although exhausting) except on the deep sand. Nothing to do there but keep the throttle open and pray for the best. We had a few laughs looking at ourselves sliding all over the place. Kagan crashed twice, I went off the track to visit the cactus. The video will show how dusrty we came out of there.

We then passed the semi'border betweem Baja Norde and Sur to camp in San Ignacio. Curiously, as we pass Gerrero Negro, we become one hour ahead compared to Pacific time.

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