Friday, October 19, 2007

Bala California Sur - A day not without problems

The pictures make it look all easy and perfect, but those days are not without putting some efforts. Good fun comes by going after it.

The day we left San Ignacio to Bahia Conception, see the 2 previous posts, was one of the most beautiful days, but also one of the most painful yet for me :

- In the morning, I lost my sunglasses at the campground. They were fairly cheap but fit perfectly in my helmet and allowed me to ride with my visor open, which I quite enjoy. No big deal, I ll find a new pair, but still annoying.

- 5 minutes later, I drop the bike at the gas station. There was some fuel on the floor and both the wheels and my feet lost grip altogether as a unit. No damage. As I was pissed off with my glasses lost, it didnt help my good mood. Well, so it was and I didnt want this to spoil the day so I kept smiling and went on the road precautiously.

- The road was beautiful and brought us to the fabulous sceneries you can see in the previous post. The last and main drama of the day was still to come. The way down to the beach passed by a small downhill sandy area. After our off-road experience the day before, it should have been piece of cake. It wasnt to be. Downhill on sand is difficult to control and I lost it at almost no speed, but my leg got stuck under the panier, right at the angle, and the muscle was badly pinched. Big pain, Kagan had to drop his bike to help me. I could barely walk for the day after, and my ankle is still swollen as I write this words. Nothing is broken so no worries. It has been a good reminder of how easy it is to get injured in such trips. Today I bought some better boots, for motocross, which should protect my legs way better.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're walking better now...looking forward to seeing that leg picture (and glad it's not as bad as it could've been, be careful!)