Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mexico Central - Puerto Vallarta

Once the ferry dropped us at Matzalan, we met again with Sergio to ride down to Puerto Vallarta. Actually Buceria as Kagan´s parents have friends over there. They welcome us to stay overnight in their home.

Jerry and Karen are an American couple who decided to get away from the US and retire happilly near Puerto Vallarta. They have bought and restored a charmin house, on which they are still working for the upper floor. They have a pleasant philosophy of life associated to humour and peace.

In the morning we get to see the Malecon (sea side) of Puerto Vallarta, touristic harbor, then head east towards Guadalajara.

As we go in the midlands, altitude goes up rapidly. Mountains roads are good fun when in good condition, but the number of trucks and the loss of power from the bikes in altitude make it a slow pace.

Little villages are more typical when we get away from the touristic scenic roads.

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