Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mexico - Gulf : Sleep with the police !

We got in Veracruz with the idea to sleep on the beach. After a guidance from a local hotel, we realized that the beaches in Veracruz were not well made for that (tide covering the whole beach) and we were directed to Boca Del Rio, just a few km down the road.

I shall precise that while leaving the parking of the hotel, I forgot the brake disc lock and fell miserably at no speed. No damage. It just brings my number of falls to 3. Kagan is at 5. Catching up.

So by the time we got to Boca Del Rio it was pitch black and couldnt see shit. I saw a couple of cops walking down the road and asked them for advice. The beach was too dangerous according to them, but they said we could camp near the blue building over there. We had a look and it looked miserably dirty, just a piece of field between 2 houses. Didnt feel much safer to me. We insisted on the beach and he still said no and then offered to stay in one of the ´rooms´ of the blue house. He precised that both of them were sleeping in the next room.

It was a bit suspicious but they happily showed their official police sign (and firearm). The blue building was actually a local municipal police office and the room that was offered to us was the tool shade...

There is so much more to say but in a few words we did stay there overnight. The evening was spent eating their food, drinking beer with them and talk about our respective adventure. Only the tallest guy was speaking English. his name is Fernando. I cant remember the other guy´s name. If it´s not Pedro, Jose or Fernando, I just dont remember.

In the morning we offered them a coffee and left them to go back on the beach of Veracruz. Touristic city that didnt matter that much to us, so we moved on to Chiapas.

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