Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Costa Rica - Cahuita

Costa Rica is very touristic, packed with Americans. As I like more natural and quiet wonders, I have been struggling to find my destinations in the country. Monteverde was a good choice, despite many tourists, but after that ?

2 main options, the pacific coast or the carribean coast. I would prefer the first one, for a change, but there is nothing really away from the crowd. I am told those places become polluted and actually not so worth it anymore. The carribean coast is probably rainy, but Cahuita sounds good, and the border crossing to Panama is known to be easier. Choice made.

Indeed, it's rainy. I got soaked wet on the way.

Cahuita is the typical laid-back carribean village, with nothing else to do but swimming or have a drink. The national park next to it is attractive. The weather turned from bad to partly sunny, and that makes me optimistic for my departure tomorrow morning.

Ants going asll the way from the top of the tree, cutting leafs, to bring them down to some gallery. impressive.

Blue crab ! The resolution is bad, it was difficult to get close.

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