Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Costa Rica - Monteverde

After an awful border crossing that took 3 and half hours, and the visit of 6 different buildings, I finally made my way to Monteverde, in the highlands of Costa Rica. Only a trail to get there, but good enough for the bike.

Kagan was a couple of days behind me, loving Isla de Ometepe so much, and may decide to stay actually in Nicaragua to learn Spanish.

I realized something I wanted to do all the way long. Visit a coffee plant and follow the process. I found it in Monteverde and it was fascinating. I only filmed, so no pictures. I hope I will be able to show properly on the dvd.

After that went walking in the local Cloud forest. Saw quite a few Colibris. Those birds fascinate me. They can fly still while pumping the pollen of a flower, with an impressive wing frequency, but when they decide to go they are fast.

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