Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nicaragua - The wonderful tours of Leon

A Dutch couple, Harrie and Macha, organized fabulous tours from the hostel where we stayed. They were cultural and directly associated to Nicaragua's history. Here is the list of what we did, and some many more activities were available (not enough time)

_ visit of a new cooperative trying to grow a business of Concha Negra. It's a black shell (coquillage) sold for soups or other dishes. The blood of the mollusque is black, hence the name. 21 families are united on this project. A visit that explained a lot about the local economy and the problems they have to deal with (so different from ours).

_ local beaches and boat tour through the mangroove to spot jungle birds, crocodiles and iguanas

_ Rustler fights (combats de coqs), very popular. The rules are actually very strict and there is some knowledge behind it. It is taken seriously. Most of the time, one coq gets only hurt or we reach the end of the 15 min fight. We saw 4 fights, and we were specially treated with 3 deads (aorta cut with pissing blood or neck broken) and 1 give up (the coq chickened out...)

_ Visit through town for some local history around the corners, and visit of the fortress built to torure and let die miserably those that were supposed against the regime.

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