Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Honduras - Tela

The guide book said that Teal was one of the 2 most beautiful beaches of the country. Surely something changed since... It could indeed be beautiful, nature having done a good job, but it is now covered with garbage all over. Really disgusting.

Talking to the owner of the bar on the beach, it is just a matter of attitude and resposabilities that got forgotten. Locals throw away their trash, and the authorities say nothing. No money is spent by the town to clean it up, or change anything.

The hotel we stayed in was also one of the worse. I was tempted to build the tent inside the room. The showers didnbt work (we are used to only cold rustic showers but at least water comes out of them) so they gave us a jar of water to clean up.

Teal, not a place to be until things change.

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