Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Policia - Pay them off ?

I have been stopped by a police officer in Nicaragua, near Leon, for speeding on the wrong side of the yellow line. I suppose I got used to the mexcian habits and never lost it. The ticket was a 100 bucks total. I kindly suggested another option and he accepted 50 bucks.

This happens often in Central America. They cannot touch the cash directly from your hand, so I put it in my French driving license, which is foldable, and gave it to him. After that he was all friendly and curious about the trip, the bike etc. We shook hand and off I went.

I was warned that Costa Rica would be different, very hard to pay them off. Well, not really. I can only blame myself for another speeding. It's hard ! well this times they offered themselbes to be bought off, by suggesting that it was difficult to write a ticket under the rain. They told me that inside the police car, well protected from that rain. Got away with 29 bucks.

I hope I have learnt my lesson.

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