Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spare Parts

Of course I left with a few spare parts. Cables, spark plugs, levers, seals, bolts and nuts, etc.

What about brake pads ? Well I did take some spare front brake pads, which I will change in Panama. But i didnt take rear ones, as I usually use only the front brake, or so little of the rear.

Miscalculation ! With the bad trails, gravel and sandy roads, I had to use the rear a lot. I actually fell once because of stupidly using the front in the sand. As a result I worn off my rear pads completely. There is not one tenth of millimeter left. It is still against steel.

No bueno.

That means I cannot touch the rear pedal or I will damage the disc. But most importantly, I will not find new pads before Panama City, end of my trip. I have another good 1000 miles before that. no big deal on the main road, but before I reach it I have roughly 200 miles of crapy trail, where the rear brake is so useful.

I will have a taste of it tomorrow as I pass the border to Panama by Sixotala. On the map the road doesnt even exist passed Boca del Toro. There is something though, hopefully not too bad.

Spicy !

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