Saturday, December 15, 2007

Panama City - Goal reached !!!

That´s it ! I am in Panama city ! After 9000 miles = 14000 km, I have reached my final destination.

I dont think I realize the achievement yet.

I have actually been here a couple of days already, but was to busy trying to know what to do with the bike. I have 2 options . selling it locally, or shipping it back which costs quite a bit. I cannot leave the country withut having the bike sorted, as here is a stamp on my passport saying I imigrated with a bike.

So I´m trying to sell locally, and the BMW dealership in PC is being very helpful. But I have to prepare myself to the expensive costs of shipping.

I havent visited anything yet, it will be for tomorrow. Andrea joins me on the 19th, and we will go touring here or there until we fly back on the 28th.

Yo ! Portland - Panama ! Done.

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